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Corporate Brand Management, Community Engagement, Media Relations, Multicultural Communications, Public Affairs, and Social Media Management. 



With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, and given its disproportionately negative impact upon communities of color, The Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) and the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) joined forces to fund the creation of a health and social equity campaign for the advancement of Black and Brown communities. In April 2020, “You Matter MKE” was launched to address the fact that people of color have value and deserve to be informed and safe through this pandemic and beyond. Our tagline “The future is brighter with you in it,” truly encapsulates the goal of our work, through every You Matter engagement, this was the message we aimed to communicate.


Athena was engaged to lead the creation and overall development of the You Matter campaign. With the help of a collective of 30+ concerned professionals of color, dubbed the Stronger Together Collective, we created the brand, developed a successful social media campaign, and communicated messages of health, knowledge, safety, and wellness to the greater Milwaukee area. 


With the You Matter MKE brand, we facilitated a host of change-based engagements. We made connections with Wisconsin State Senator Tammy Baldwin with the goal of raising awareness of our campaign among state legislators. Athena planned and hosted a virtual town hall where community members raised concerns about social justice and the effects COVID-19 was having on our community. We hosted a conversation with Pulmonary Specialist and Sleep Medicine Physician Dr. Jayshankar Balachandran to lend some medical credibility to You Matter’s message. Our aim wasn’t just to spread messages of boldness and joy, we wanted to spread information that could act as a viable resource. 


The campaign was active from April 2020 to December 2020. For this project, Athena:

  • Worked with an internal team to design the You Matter brand and collateral materials 

  • Facilitated numerous targeted workgroups to address the specific effects of the pandemic on communities of color.

  • Engaged multigenerational audiences by working with local community influencers to create ads, videos, and billboards.

  • Received media attention in the form of three op-eds from local media outlets The Milwaukee Independent, The Milwaukee Courier and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

  • Developed targeted messaging in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic communities.

  • Created and managed an integrated social media campaign.

  • Placed health equity and social justice advertisements in local papers and on targeted community billboards.