Protect Your Peace

July is BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Mental Health Awareness Month, and it's safe to say, there has never been a more appropriate July to hold host to our current state. Being a BIPOC, means you're dealing with the everyday qualms of living, along with navigating spaces that won't always receive you for who you are. There aren't nearly enough words to account for the BIPOC experience, but it goes to say there is a distinct complexity to living in this world when the color of your skin is seen as a determinant of your character.

With everything that has transpired in the last few months, even the last few days, we've all had to evaluate how we will engage in this work for change. We are feeling the impact of living through two pandemics and it can take its toll on our wellness.

As we push forward, we should do well to be cognizant of the drivers of this movement, ourselves. We are the agents of the very change we wish to see, in our demand for rebirth we need to ensure we are mentally ready to rebuild. 

We must remember to do our best to champion our well-being in all of our efforts. The success of the common good depends on it. This looks like uplifting our voices, and not backing down. This looks like guiding and protecting our peace. This looks like many things, but it always looks like respecting ourselves, and our allies in the fight.

Remember that we have the tools we need. Let’s guard our hearts, our resilience, and our compassion - they are all things that will carry us far.

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