How to Help Make the Pivot: Release Panic

How can companies and individuals use their creativity and innovation to make the necessary pivots in business and life? This is not a time to panic but rather to pivot.

2020 began with so much promise. A new decade. A new lease on life. Then a pandemic hit the globe, and brought everything to a screeching halt. 

What you may not realize, is that 2020 still holds promise, if you allow it to. No, 2020 will not look exactly like the year you imagined. But by pivoting and not panicking, it will still look promising.

Your plans are not dead. It’s just bringing them to life may look a little different. Instead of completely throwing away everything you planned, determine how your plans could work if you made a few adjustments. 

Loosen your grip on some of the logistics and consider new approaches and formats. Use every tool in your toolbox from technology to team members. Communicate your pivot to garner back-up from your stakeholders and even gain new supporters. Celebrate your wins, big and small.

Think differently. Could your staff feel just as empowered and informed if your annual meeting moved to an online format? Does your art exhibition require four walls to display your work, or just two eyes from each web viewer and potential buyer? Could your employees represent your company in new philanthropic capacities? Will the music of your band members sound just as beautiful if each of its players are six feet apart with a virtual audience? 

Rather than looking at 2020 as a lost opportunity, see it as simply a new reality. Your success depends on how you adapt to that new reality.

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