The Gift of Transparency

Updated: May 21

At the core of every group is a centerpiece. The centerpiece isn’t always the most glamorous, or the most visually recognizable. In fact, of

ten times the centerpiece seems to be the least notable and least distinguishable part of a group. And yet, the centerpiece holds everything together.  

Another way of viewing it is likening the centerpiece to glue. You don’t really intend to build around the glue and yet it’s the element that holds everything together.

Often leadership is seen as being “the face” or being the “boss.” Leaders are often the dynamic force within a group or organization that remains necessary for any level of success.  However, leadership exists beyond the confines of “making decisions” and being the face. Leadership is about influence.

We can often mistake charm and good ideas for leadership. The reality is that despite the conventional views of what being the boss means, a leader's real value comes in their ability to be the glue. 

Groups can certainly rally behind a powerful or charismatic voice; but their loyalty and commitment are nurtured in subtle, inconsequential moments. People develop loyalty when they feel connected to a cause or an idea.

They become committed when there is a realistic opportunity to benefit and grow from an experience. The true power of leadership doesn’t stem from the ability to be front and center. It actually comes from developing a culture and mindset that inspires a group of people to be better. And at its best, it can help form bonds and create long lasting trust among people.

Let us build our leadership as powerful connectors influencing others for a common good.



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